It’s great for me to get feedback on the service provided by Amploft.  I like to think that I come across as fair minded, friendly and knowledgeable and that you would be happy to recommend to a friend.

If you have used Amploft in the past please leave a comment below.

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  1. If you are looking for an amp tech then look no further – Mike is your guy! I recently took my Fender 65 DRRI in for a repair. As well as working again, I swear it sounds infinitely better! Mike was courteous, professional and did a fantastic job for a great price. I will definitely be returning and have no hesitation in recommending him for all your repair/servicing needs. Thanks Mike!

  2. Mike just completed a repair for me on a Peavey JSX head that had an intermittent hum / buzz; being an intermittent fault it was not easy to diagnose, but Mike (having established that I had a spare amp and was not in a rush to get it back) took the time to go through everything methodically and carefully in order be sure he identified the actual root cause of the problem; this saved me the cost of any unnecessary replacement parts. Mike kept me posted with the progress he was making, and now my JSX is hum and buzz free – in fact, it’s now the quietest (only in terms of background noise, obviously) amp I’ve ever had. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Amploft to anybody who needs any valve amp work done – absolutely top chap to deal with!

  3. Thank you Mike, the Fender Supersonic it’s sounding awesome with the repairs have done great job!!!

  4. Thank you so much Mike, my Blackstar Stage 100 Head is back to full fighting strength & noise free!! Prompt, efficient & professional service at a great price and from a really nice guy!
    Will recommend to anyone who wants to listen.
    Cheers Chris (& Senna)

  5. My 2006 Marshall 401 DSL had finally succumbed to the overheating issues associated with this amp. Mike replaced damaged parts and added heat sink. In addition, given age of amp, new JJ EL 84s added.
    All issues fixed and amp is the best it has ever sounded.
    Absolutely delighted and all good value.
    Have used Mike before and no hesitation in using again.

  6. Just had my studiomaster vision 12 repaired by Amploft (mike). Fantastic service.really easy to deal with.the repair was carried out in very quick time and at a great price . Highly recommend to anyone needing this kind of service . I travelled an hour each way and it was a very worthwhile journey

  7. Awesome service received at Amploft. Marshall DSL head was in need of some TLC as it developed an annoying crackle. Mike immediately knew what the problem could be and fitted a new set of valves to the head and gave it the service it needed. Head now sounds killer and I’m able to continue gigging as normal. He’s also a genuinely nice guy so don’t hesitate to check him out for all your amplifier needs. Will 100% use Amploft again, thanks Mike.

  8. I had some issues with my Peavey 6505 whilst between tours. Mike very swiftly and professionally solved my issues. Highly recommended!

  9. Really happy with the work done on my Supersonic. Mike is obviously knowledgeable and very approachable. Would not hesitate to Recommend Amploft to a friend. Very fair price too! Thanks Mike.

  10. Excellent service and very quick turnaround, Mike is friendly, knowledgeable and honest, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Amploft! Thanks Mike

  11. Mike

    Thanks for restoring my Marshall VBA 400 to its thundering best. My wife is especially thrilled ????.

    I am sure my neighbours will be as well.

    Great service, thanks again.

    Clive B

  12. Great and really friendly service. The fastest amp repair I’ve had, and Mike’s a really nice guy to boot!

  13. Enquired about getting my ART SLA4 power amp repaired, however after mike contacted an ART certified retailer about obtaining the required part, they say they no longer offer service/parts after the 3 year warranty. Shame this one couldn’t be fixed however mike did suggest he could re wire my amp into a 2 channel amp using the remaining working channels which I am yet to decide. All round great service, he knows what he’s talking about

  14. I’d highly recommend Mike – he fixed my Peavey Delta Blues amp recently (Power tubes) and it now sounds better than ever. Plus he’s a really top fella’ – friendly & easy going.

  15. Mike has just sorted out my Fender Champion 110 which has recently had a pretty hard life of rehearsals and gigging. Mike got rid of the buzz and unless my ears deceive me (or I’ve just got used to my other amp) it sounds much “hotter”, more prepared to overdrive and with a really punchy treble – perfect for hot funk tracks.

    I’m very happy with the service and delighted at the price – thank you Mike

  16. Engl Powerball now in tip top working order thanks to Mike.
    So hard to find someone you trust with your gear, I think I’ve found my new amp tech!

    Great service, great price, top bloke.
    Thanks Mike.

  17. Having recently dusted off my old Hughes & Kettner ATS120 combo amp I was unsurprised to find that all those years of gigging (back when I was young and interesting) had taken more than it’s toll.

    Having decided to give my cherished old amp a spruce up I contacted Mike at Amploft to give her a once-over and get her back into working order.

    I couldn’t be more happy with the work done. He managed to get all three channels back fully working, repaired all the broken pots, changed the jack sockets and got the entire amp sounding better than it ever did, even at it’s peak 10-15 years ago.

    I couldn’t recommend Mike more if I tried. Exceptional work, totally up-front about costs and super-efficient service. Many, many thanks for all your help.

  18. I’m not sure I can really post as a customer yet as Mike helped fix my problem over the phone without any charge or visiting which was great. Obviously he is good at what he does as he had a backlog and couldn’t fit me in before my gig, but he gave me enough advice to help me sort the problem myself!

    Really appreciate the help and look forward to being a proper customer in the future!

  19. Mike was really friendly and provided a fantastic service at a very reasonable price, also offered advice freely. Would recommend to anyone!

  20. Just wanted to say thanks for sorting out my Subway Rocket so quickly. I thought it needed revalving but you found an easier (and cheaper) solution. Not only is it sounding good but it doesn’t crackle anymore

  21. Mike repaired my Cornford head after several months of unsuccessful attempts by various respected bristol based amplifier technicians. He had a quick turnaround, and provided a warm, friendly service. Very highly recommended.

  22. Took my Fender Blues DeVille re-issue to Mike after it started making hideous noises and blowing fuses left, right and center. He fixed it up good as new for a very reasonable price and it has been perfect ever since.

    Thanks Mike

  23. Hi Mike,

    Just to let you know that the Amp sounds perfect since all the work you did!!!! Sounds better than ever – really crisp tone!!!

    Many thanks for your hard wornk


  24. I’ve fallen back in love with my Fender Blues DeLuxe after Mike spent some time servicing it. Sounds great and Mike kept me fully in the picture as to what was happening to it and why. Very reasonable price too for what was a very comprehensive examination and service. Very pleased and would recommend for your beloved valve amps. Cheers !

  25. Mike has worked on a bunch of my amps over the last year. I have only positive experience to report! His work has been consistently thorough, swift and reliable (and very guitarist-friendly technical explanations to boot 😉 Many thanks, will be back soon with something old and cool but broken!

  26. Mike

    Just a quick update. Used it a couple of times at home during the week and all OK so took it to a gig last night and all fine. Sounded good and glad to have it back.

    Thanks very much.

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