Started in 2010, I set up Amploft to help more musicians get the best out of the their gear, increase recycling and up cycling of equipment and as something of a personal hobby that I have had for years.

Professionally, my electronic engineering background goes back 25 years. Working in small electronic companies I learned about manufacturing and servicing of all types of equipment. On the repair side I worked on power supplies for mainframe computers through to coin validators for fruit machines. Through working with some fantastic people I learnt a great deal about fault diagnosis and cure. During this time I completed a HNC qualification in Electronic Engineering.

After 10 yrs in electronics hardware servicing I moved into software design – where I continue to work full-time. Throughout my career I have been interested in amps, how they work, what makes one sound better than another, unreliability factors etc. and fixing them up for friends and bandmates.

I am a great fan of keeping old gear going. It’s often built to a much higher standard and sounds better anyway so always consider repair as an option. I know that we are all being asked by phone, TV manufacturers etc to upgrade every couple of years but is it really worth it? I don’t think so.