Second Hand Amps For Sale

Guranteeed, fully re-conditioned amps for sale.

Unless stated otherwise all the amps that I sell secondhand come with:

    • one-year guarantee on everything excluding valves, and
    • a service voucher (excluding parts) valid for two years from purchase date.

Used Amps bought for cash

If you have an amp that is not working properly but you don’t really want to get it repaired then I would be interested in buying it from you.  I will either repair and sell it on or strip it for parts. 

I will be interested to hear from anyone with the following types of faulty gear:

    • Faulty Guitar and bass amps
    • Kit amps

Value estimates

With Valve amps my valuation is based on ebay average sale price less cost of reconditioning (valve set + service).  All depending on condition.

      • Peavey C30 – value £85 based ebay sale of £250

For transistor / solidstate and hybrid amps (i.e. those with a pre-amp valve) I am only interested in them for parts like knobs, handles and speakers so ball park value is £10-30 depending on condition.

email me at with details and pictures of your amp.