Orange amps are characterised by their distinctive colour, original sound, great build quality and over engineering that sets them apart and above their rivals.

Orange Bass Terror

The original bass terror in its small tin box with carry bag was an immediate success. Great sound and highly portable. It comes in 500w and 1000w variations and is pretty reliable.

Some issues that I have come across are:

  • Power supply dying, blowing fuses repeatedly usually suddenly. Fortunately repair is achievable and if not replacement modules from Orange are available.
  • Power amplifier burn out caused by overheating, overload or just bad luck.
  • Other faults are typical service things like valves, control pots and jacks.
  • Like all class D amps reliance on good fan airflow is essential so make sure to clean it out every couple of years or so.


Repair success is pretty good on these amps thanks to the excellent support from Orange.

Orange Rocker 30

These 30w, 1×12, dual gainy channel amps have very little to go wrong in them.  The only issues I have seen are from typical wear items like damaged pots, jacks and valves.