V4 - CopyAmploft services include restoration and repairs to a range of electronic musical equipment including:

  • Guitar and Bass valve or transistor amps
  • Pedal Repairs – Generally just simple faults like jacks, battery connectors  pots and switches, damage from incorrect power connection
  • Certain Hi-Fi items

Guitar and Bass Amplifier servicing and repairs

Repairs, servicing and Modifications on all types of guitar and instrument amplifier. I am a recognised non-warranty repairer for Peavey and Marshall. I have good relationships with many other brands including Orange, Fender, Blackstar and Laney.


Solid state amp chassis repair postal service  For certain types of amp you can send me your amp chassis and have it repaired and posted back to you at a fixed cost. 

Conditions: Amplifier must be able to power on and be partially working e.g. producing hum, crackles noise or otherwise unreliable.

Marshall Valvestate range of amps
Fender Princeton 112

£70 + parts

Guitar and Bass Amplifier Restoration

Thorough restoration of severely neglected or vintage amps. Safely bringing back vintage equipment into working use is one of my specialties. Examples like Vox AC30, Hiwatt, Marshall and Fenders are documented on the site.

Effects pedal repairs

I can help with simple effects pedal problem.

    • damaged control pots, jacks,
    • battery and power problems.


Hi Fi Items

As a rule I don’t repair Hi Fi equipment.  However there are a few exceptions, see below.

Cyrus 1 – servicing and capacitor replacement.