Servicing and Repairs

Amploft provides a personal service to musicians in the Bristol and surrounding area.  Here is what you can expect…

Enquire about your repair and get an appointment usually 2-6 weeks lead time.
On the day of your appointment drop your amp off and discuss the repair in more detail.
Repair usually take two weeks or less.  I will call you if any surprises come up during repair.
Get notified of completion and a bill which you can pay by bank transfer, card (in  person) or cash.
Pick up your amp

For those too far away from Bristol take a look at my distance services.  And for schools, studios or those with multiple amps for repair I am able to drop off / collect free in Bristol.

Amp Servicing

Servicing of an amp is required from time to time to take care of those annoying age related problems caused regular usage or accidental damage.  

I service all types of Guitar valve or transistor amps.  Large touring combos and head and small practice amps.   Servicing addresses issues like…

    • valve issues like rustling noises, blown HT fuse or valve flash-over.
    • unreliable pots, jack sockets and switches – ie anything on the front or rear panel.
    • Reverb problems like whistling, unreliability.
    • Speaker crackle and rips.

For all servicing and repairs I use whereever possible manufacturers original parts or superior replacements. See section below on parts.


When your amps problems require a bit more fault diagnosis and investigation I consider the service to as a repair job.

I am a recognised non-warranty repairer for Peavey and Marshall. I have good relationships with many other brands including Orange, Fender, Blackstar and Laney.

The repair process consists of two stages diagnosis and repair. Repair is a predictable cost but diagnosis is not. In 95% of cases I work out a the cause of a fault and make a repair in two to three hours. I never spend long on a job without the client’s express approval and understanding.


Thorough restoration of severely neglected or vintage amps. Safely bringing back vintage equipment into working use is one of my specialties. Examples like Vox AC30, Hiwatt, Marshall and Fenders are documented on the site. 

Amp Restoration is where the amp is either in an unknown state or has numerous faults. Restoration of old classic amps like Vox, Marshall, Hiwatt, WEM, Selmer, Fender, Copicats is still possible thanks to custom transformers and rewinds in the a lively repair world Complete restoration can take many hours of work but it is often worth it as old amps attract a premium price.

Distance Servicing and Repairs

If you don’t live anywhere near Bristol for some smaller items you may want to send your amp for distance repair.

Process is just like a local repair above except you will have the additional expense of the courier.

Chassis Amp Distance Repairs – Just remove the amp chassis  from the cabinet and send using a reputable courier with insurance.

    • Marshall Valvestate range of amps 8020, 8040 etc
    • Fender Princeton 112

Note: Amplifier must be able to power on and be partially working e.g. producing hum, crackles noise or otherwise unreliable.

Effects Pedal Servicing

Unfortunately for most effects Pedals  I just cover simple faults like jacks, battery connectors  pots and switches, damage from incorrect power connection.

There are just so many pedal variations and hidden circuit informatio that economic repair is just not reliably achievable.

Replacement Parts

When replacing parts I always endeavour to use exact manufacturers original parts, or superior equivalents. In the case of some Amp manufacturers, where I am a recognised Amp tech, I have access to their original parts catalogue i.e. Marshall, Roland, Peavey & Vox.

For amps where you want to retain perdod authenticitity like cardboard fender caps then modern parts can be disguised to retain the original look and

I carry stock for all the common guitar valve amp types, Fender / Marshall pots , jacks, switches, fuses, discrete components. and hardware.

Where original parts are not so easy to come by I use superior equivalent components from accredited electronics suppliers like RS Components, Rapid Electronics and Farnell.  There are also specialised audio suppliers like Hi Fi Collective, HotRox, Bluebell Transformers and Sowter transformers, EdiCron for valves, or tubes.

I avoid parts from martketplaces and auction sites due to the high risk of counterfeits or poor quality.

I don’t work on

I don’t service or repair Hi-Fi items any longer.  I did do this in the past but unfortunately my workshop is not set up for the delicate nature of HiFi components.

Toasters, toothbrushes, Car Audio.