V4 - CopyAmploft services include restoration and repairs to a range of electronic musical equipment including:

  • guitar and bass amps – specialising in valve equipment including vintage amps – everything from valve replacement to complete restoration
  • Pedal Repairs – Generally just simple faults like jacks, pots and switches, damage from incorrect power connection
  • The occasional piece of pro-audio equipment – mainly valve based

Listed below are some of the amp manufacturers that I have successfully repaired in the past few years. If you don’t see your one don’t fret, I am always up for a challenge.

Ampeg | Ashdown | Award-Session | Behringer | Blackstar | Bugera | Burman | Carr | Cornford | Egnater | Electro Harmonix | Fender | Fisher | Gallien Krueger |HH | Hiwatt | Hohner | Hughes and Kettner | Laney | Mackie | Marshall | McGregor | Mesa Boogie | MusicMan | Orange | Peavey | QSC | Randall | Roland | Samson | Sheldon Amps | SWR | TL Audio | Tecamp | Trace Elliot |Traynor | Vox | Warwick | WEM | Copicat | Yamaha | Sinmarc | Wurlitzer

Guitar Amp

Repairs, servicing and Modifications on all types of guitar and instrument amplifier. I am a recognised non-warranty repairer for Peavey and Marshall. I have good relationships with many other brands including Orange, Fender, Blackstar and Laney.

Effects pedal repairs

are possible too but are limited to simple non-diagnostic faults e.g. damaged control pots, jacks, battery and power problems. This limitation is due to the lack of availability of technical info on many pedals or their parts.


of neglected or vintage amps. Safely bringing back vintage equipment into working use is one of my specialties. Examples like Vox AC30 and Fenders are documented on the site.

Equipment Hire available whilst your amp is in for repair.

      • Small PA (Mackie SRM 350
      • Small Valve Guitar combo – Peavey Classic 30
      • Hartke / Aguilar Bass rig