Fender Jack Socket Upgrade – £12

Most of Fenders popular mid range amps like Twin 65, Hot Rod, Blues Deluxe and Junior are fitted with cheap plastic Jack sockets.

A simple upgrade is to upgrade them with the vintage style metal chassis jack made by switchcraft as used on most guitars and all the old fender amps.

The nice thing about this upgrade is you feel the benefit every time you plug in and play.

Orange Rocker 30w combo. Fully serviced £450

Exceptionally nice condition Orange amp from the early 2000s.   As I understand it that is quite an early Orange.

It has been a regular gigging amp for one of my clients that wanted to try something more suited to clean tone like a Traynor or Fender.

It is in very original condition with just and some light wear  to the corners and nick or two on the tolex and some evidence of stickers on one side. All of this could be hidden with a little paint if it was a bother.


    • Original English made Celestion Vintage 30 speaker
    • New JJ Power Valves less than 10 hours use.
    • Original pre-amp Ornange branded- no microphonics.
    • All new from panel items all pots, jack socket and lamp holder.
    • Inside the amp is in as new condition with no circuit board wear and tear whatsoever.

Come and try out this lovely amp.

Comes with one-year guarantee on everything except the valves and a free service (excluding parts) in the first two years of ownership.