HH Head with the legendary “valve tone” switch and magic electronic black box to make this amp sound exactly like a not-so-popular-with-HH-at-least heavy unreliable valve amp (at least that is what the HH boffins probably thought.

This one came to me with just has a few clicky pots and switches and is in very good condition. Upon inspection found that one of the PSU smoothing capacitors, the negative supply, had ruptured. You can see a picture below of the cap. At over thirty years old, that’s not bad wear and tear.  Sounds clear as a bell now – boy are these things are well made.

In terms of construction these things are nicely made.  They have wiring looms that dressed with military precision running all over the amp.  Good quality components and the all important faint green light up panel.  One thing that I did find a bit of a surprising let down is the connectors from the transformer to the bridge rectifier.  These are made using those 1.4″ blade (sometimes called lucar) connectors.  Nothing wrong in theory, but on this amp all the connectors were crumbling – I wonder if this a common issue.

Here are some pictures of the inside of the amp . . .