Price Guide

Service Price Guide

Most of my jobs are based on an hourly rate of £36 / hour.

Service Type Price Guide Description
Evaluation £36 An assessment of a faulty amp as to value and cost of repair.   Good for Insurance damage assessments, DIY repairs
Valve Swap £54 Checking and Replacing Valves and bias adjustment.  Good for Preparing for tour or recording. 
Service £80 Comprehensive check over of an predominantly working amp. Includes minor repairs and adjustments but no, or very limited fault diagnosis.  Good for Broken front and rear panel parts like jacks and pots.
Mods and Upgrades
£ Varies
Variable pricing needs an amp that has been recently serviced so that no issues are present before modding.  See Mods page for more details
Repair £90-135 As per Service and additionally includes some fault diagnosis and repair. Good for Noisy amps (hums, rustles, cracks), Unreliable amps – cutting out, volume dips
Complex Repair £135-£250 Amps with several faults requiring diagnosis and repair. Aimed at old amps requiring minor restoration.
Restoration £200 – £400 Restoration of vintage amps like with multiple fault issues. Aimed at thorough restoration of vintage amps.
Kit Amp Build £250-£400


Complete build of kit amps as per your specification.  5E3, Plexi whatever your preference. Good for Kits from the big suppliers like Tube Amp Doctor, Tube Town, Metropolous, Modulus, Amp-Maker, Ceriatone etc.  Fixed price depending on exact kit selection..
Kit Amp assisted build. Time based £72 / 102 mins session
Fancy building a kit but nervous about it?  I can coach you through the process and take care of the bits involving dangerous high voltage. 
Prices above do not include parts which are charged extra and are competitively priced. I generally carry stock of Electro Harmonix and JJ valves of the popular type

Parts Pricing

Most popular valves kept in stock to cover gig emergencies or those in need of a backup in the Bristol, South West area.   No shipping available.