Here are my Terms of Business by using Amploft you must agree to my terms – which are very fair I am told.

Drop off and Collection

Amps can be dropped off at my home: 81 Birchall Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 7TT  by appointment only.

Care and Insurance

Whilst your amp is with me it will be very well looked after.  My home is smoke and animal free and the kids are kept well out of the way.  So rest assured it will be well  cared for.

Insurance of your property against theft/fire/flood is simply impossible for me. The insurance industry does not offer a policy related to my kind of  business, so your own household insurance will have to cover it if any of those disasters happens to your amp whilst I have it.


I charge according to time spent and my published prices


I accept payment in cash and by bank transfer.  I don’t accept cheques or cards, sorry. I may ask for a deposit for very expensive parts but usually this is not required.

Once your amp is repaired it must be collected in a reasonable time frame as I don’t have a huge amount of spare storage capacity.  You must collect the amp within one calendar month and if not I reserve the right to keep it, or to sell it and keep all the proceeds.  What I am saying is don’t ask me to repair it if you cannot afford to pay the bill.”

No fix, no fee

I am pretty confident I can fix most problems in a reasonable time frame.   If I cannot resolve the fault presented to me then I will not charge for my time.

If you engage me to work on an amp and then ask me to stop I will charge for the time spent.

My guarantee

I will behave honestly and properly;  I will maintain good communications with my clients at all times.

That means:

I will keep you posted on the repair process by email / phone and will not undertake any work without your agreement.  If any decisions like valve selection are required I will consult with you.  If I think the amp is falling into the “”Beyond Economical Repair”” category I will let you before it becomes an issue.

I will only charge for what I have done and I will only do what needs doing and has been agreed.

Repairs I have made will use the best available components and continue to perform as good as new subject to reasonable use

My repairs are covered by a three month guarantee; although this does not cover the entire amp just the repair that I did.   Just bring the amp back and I will play fair on all guarantee claims.

Electronics is a complex subject and sometimes requires patience and understanding.  Restoring one part of a circuit to proper working order may have a negative impact on another part leading to a series of repairs one after the other especially on vintage amps.