Carr Slant 6V

Well I had the pleasure to service and modify one of these cool amps this week. A Carr Slant 6V.

Absolutely fantastic build quality top to bottom on these amps – this just oozes quality everly little detail is just superb.  Full point to point circuit, glued wipoint to pointres, hand wound transformers this is the real deal.  But what also stands out are the little things for example the screws holding the amp chassis in are made of the nicest metal I have ever seen.

The cable connecting the speaker looks like a hifi cable rather than the usual ratty little piece of damp string.  Great I would love one although it does cost the same price as a family saloon. Oh well!

In terms of the mod it was just a simple case of removing a little treble cutting capacitor on the drive channel so if you want to know more please get in touch on that. The other thing to bear in mind is that the folks at Carr amps are incredibly helpful.

So if you have a Carr amp and need a repair or some servicing please give Amploft a shout.