Vox Cambridge 30

Great looking vintage amps powered by tiny chip amp like you might find in car stereo but don’t let that put you off. Inside you have a pair of quality Celestion speakers,  twin channels clean and valve powered drive channel,  tremolo and reverb depending on model.

Construction wise it’s pretty poor inside with a budget Hi Fi style PCB.  Partly bad luck or design on korg ‘s part these amps have an amp failure disease named after them.  Cambridgitus effects this series of amps by reducing the output level in number of ways. Either temporarily, or gradually according to temperature or permanently at some random level. The tremolo effect may or may not stop working also.

In the temperature related version of Cambridgitus the level will creep down over 15 minutes or half an hour making you think you are losing your hearing.  With the permanent version the amp is sort of stuck on a lower level.  It is all due to components in the tremolo circuit namely the optocoupler. This optocoupler controls the level of the signal through a smooth light controlled sensor. Only problem is that korg picked the wrong type in its design and they just wrong all the time some from new, a suitable replace is the increasingly hard to find device called VTL5C3.