Roland Amps

Roland Bolt 100 Combo

As used by the edge when U2 were a decent band. This would have been trying to rival the Mesa Boogie compactness is an extremely well made hybrid amp. 4x6L6 output stage and a slightly dissappointing single tube / solid state pre amp delivers a great clean sound and natural overdrive however the limitations of the two knob overdrive circuit are well documented elsewhere.

This amp was suffering with some typical jack connnector and the FX switch problems resulting in occasional sounds and cutting in and out. A little service is all that was required for this great work horse of an amp.

Roland Jazz Chorus

Legendary amps with reverb and chorus and superclean sounds and pedal platform.  The distortion channel is nothing to write home about but you can’t have your cake and eat it.

These amps do suffer from a nasty hiss and this can be reduced by around 60% with a simple modification.