Sessionette Amplifier Repairs

Over the last year I must have repaired half a dozen of these delightful solid state amps. Compact, loud and fully bobbly carpeted – nice. These amps are realy well made and rightly retain their value beyond the competition.

Features are soldered connections throughout, nicely dressed wiring, serious pot earthing (see bottom of pic below) and quality capacitors.

Common Faults

Jack plugs introducing hiss and crackles.

Op amps failing usually results in a very non-musical distortion like a loud crackling. Fortunately repair is very straightforward with replacement components easily available and not at all expensive. Below you can see the socketed TL072 dual op-amps.


Tony Ward the designer is still around mainly playing the guitar these days but also provides some replacement component modules such as an upgraded power ampplifier on his web site. Just google award session amplifiers to find out more.