Mackie SRM350, SRM450

Just recently worked on a few of these lovely PA speakers that are  common site in pubs and mobile DJ.  Great build quality means they are generally very reliable but occasionally things do go wrong.

Despite being surface mount components they are good to work on and definitely worth repairing. 

2 thoughts on “Mackie SRM350, SRM450”

  1. I have a Mackie SRM350 V2 that has an intermittent problem. The blue light on the front and the green power LED flashes and there is no sound apart from a clicking noise. Do you have any idea what the problem might be

    1. Chirping and flashing is when the amp’s power supply has gone into protect mode; a kind of damage limitation mode. Can be caused by cold solder joints and loose components in active speakers but also serious faults like damaged output transistors. Usually repairable.

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