Items For Sale

Most popular valves in stock to cover gig and festival emergencies or those in need of a backup in the Bristol, South West area. There is no shipping offered on these it is collection only or occasionally emergency delivery charged extra.

Guitar Amplifier Valves for Sale
Valve aka Type Brand Comments Price
6L6GC 5881 Power JJ £16.00
6V6S Power JJ £14.00
EL34 Power JJ £15.00
EL84 6BQ5 Power JJ £12.50
ECC82 12AT7 Pre JJ £10.00
ECC82 12AU7 Pre JJ £10.00
ECC83 12AX7T Pre JJ £10.00
ECC83 12AX7T Pre Sovtek Ultra low noise twisted spiral (for V1) £14.00
GZ34 Rect JJ £15.00

Power valves are only supplied in sets either pairs or quads.